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Play the Stick Dog Game
Meet the Pack Members!

STICK DOG is not called Stick Dog because he likes sticks.
He's called Stick Dog because I don't know how to draw.

POO-POO is not named after, you know, going to the bathroom. He's named after his own name. Get it? POO-dle.

STRIPES likes to be a little oddballish. She's covered in
spots, but her name is Stripes. See what I mean?

KAREN is kind of a human name, but it's her name, and there's not much we can do about it. It's kind of like if your uncle was named Snoopy. You wouldn't call him Uncle Bob. You'd call him Uncle Snoopy.

There's also a dog named MUTT. He's a mutt. Enough said.

Meet the Author of the Pack!
Tom Watson lives in Chicago with his wife, daughter and son. He also has a dog, as you could probably guess.

Early in his career Tom worked in politics, including a stint as the Chief Speechwriter for the Governor of Ohio. This experience made him realize a very important thing: Kids are way smarter than adults. And it's a lot more fun and rewarding to write stories for them than to write speeches for grown-ups.

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