Cody Simpson: Welcome to Paradise: My Journey
On Sale 10/22/2013
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Cover Photographs © Ellis Parrinder.

I've come so far from where I started, a swimming-obsessed kid who'd never left Australia. Now I've heard my songs on the radio, seen my face on TV and, most exciting of all, met you – my precious fans – all over the world. I keep expecting to wake up from this amazing dream!

But I also know I have so much more to learn.

I could never have come so far without each and every one of you. You've been there since I posted my first video, you believed in me when I moved from the Gold Coast to LA, you supported me when I walked out on stage for the first time. You have all proven to me day after day that anything is possible.

So this is for you – the full story of my journey here; my inspirations, my secrets, photos that the world has never seen. It's your backstage pass to my life.

So what are you waiting for? Come and step inside my world.

Welcome to Paradise!


Love, Cody Simpson