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Narnia . . .

The land beyond the wardrobe, sung into life by the Great Lion Aslan, where animals talk, witches walk, magic abounds, and adventure surely awaits.

The Chronicles of Narnia will take you on a journey of destiny and discovery to places you never dreamed existed. From the lamppost to Cair Paravel, from the Easter Islands to the Ends of the World, Narnia brims with mystery, excitement, and danger.

For over sixty years, C. S. Lewis’s bestselling masterpiece, The Chronicles of Narnia, has captivated children and adults of all ages and fascinated millions of fans around the globe. Whether you travel by magic ring, through the wardrobe, or on the waves of a painting come-to-life, you will find something new to delight in with each visit to Narnia. Come, experience the books again and again, and share your adventure with millions of other Narnia fans!
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